How Custom Milwaukee PACKOUT Bins Work...

Why Buy Our Bins...?

Introducing our innovative replacement bins that come standard with every Slim Packout. Our bins are thoughtfully designed with precise holes on the sides, specifically engineered to securely lock a swiveling bit holder in place. This unique feature ensures that each item in your kit has its own cozy and organized home.

How does it work...?

1. Insert one end of the bit holder into a hole in the bin.

2. Carefully use your thumb to spread bin apart. DOES NOT NEED A TON OF PRESSURE.

3. Place the other end of bit holder into the hole directly across.

4. Bit holder should fit in hole with minor amount a force as too much could break the bin.

5. Bit holder should swivel with a slight amount of force. A break-in period may be required for smooth operation.

6. To break-in swiveling action, fill the bit holder up with bits and use all the bits as a lever until smooth operation is achieved.

Note: These bins are durable when used correctly. Misuse will not be covered for replacements.

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